American Vandal : The dumbest genius show

How can a plot so dumb get me fascinated ? Only God knows. Or maybe I can explain it in this blog. Here’s my review on Netflix’s Original: American Vandal.


This fake documentary takes place in Hanover High, a high school where 27 cars were vandalized. How vandalized ? (that’s where it gets super dumb) Somebody apparently was mad at the teachers and sprayed graffiti of penises on all of the cars, forcing them to drive back home with shame. Only one kid is suspected of the crime : Dylan Maxwell. This not so bright kid is known to be a serial prankster however, this time, he swears that this is not his joke. Only one other student believes him and takes the investigation under his arms through this documentary.


What I’ve loved about it is not even the story line but the way it was build. Despite the fact that the synopsis is completely dumb, the writers showed that being coherent could be the most important thing to keep a show entertaining. Although the bottom line story is dumb, every episodes had a plot twist of its own until the very last episode. As for the acting, it’s not the best but it’s good enough to make the whole “documentary” side plausible.

I’m not saying that this show is an Emmy nominee, but it’s a good Sunday binge watch series. And I believe some show old shows like Pretty Little Liars and The Vampire Diaries and some current ones like Riverdale could really use that show as an example. Why ? Because they have the good synopsis thing down but when it comes to coherence, it’s just not there.

Coherence is key.


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