TV Show of the moment

Wandavision by Jac Schaeffer and Kevin Feige (producer)
with Elizabeth Olsen and Paul Bettany

The beginning of the new phase of the MCU is a TV Show on Disney +. With it’s cinema-like presentation, it has all the twist you would expect in a Marvel Movie. You can check the review of episode one and two here.

The show is available on Disney Plus.

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Game Of Thrones: The Last Minute Finale

Dear world, here’s your favorite procrastinator. Last night, we saw the last of the Land of Westeros, the last of the fight for the Iron Throne, the big ending of the proclaimed “best tv show of all time”, Game Of Thrones. While the scenes are still fresh and so are the emotions surrounding them, here are my thoughts.

Dynasty : So good because it’s so bad

After the American Vandal, this is the most genius show out of stupid shows. CW’s remake of Dynasty is the best worst thing to ever happen on screen. Almost a perfect totem for pop culture. Don’t be mad, hear me out.