TV Show of the moment

Gossip Girl by Joshua Safran, Stephanie Savage & Josh Schwartz
with Jordan Alexander, Whitney Peak, Emily Alyn Lind & Kristen Bell (as Gossip Girl’s voice)

Gossip Girl is back in business online, causing all sorts of drama.
I’ve already reviewed the first two episodes. But I intend to end the show for the sake of the love I had for the original one.

The show is available on HBO Max.

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The first two episodes are out and so many thoughts are going through my mind with this reboot. Are those things positive or negative? Read up to know more.

Game Of Thrones: The Last Minute Finale

Dear world, here’s your favorite procrastinator. Last night, we saw the last of the Land of Westeros, the last of the fight for the Iron Throne, the big ending of the proclaimed “best tv show of all time”, Game Of Thrones. While the scenes are still fresh and so are the emotions surrounding them, here…