Movie of the moment

Malcolm and Marie by Sam Levinson
With Zendaya and John David Washington

After the premiere night of what seems to be the best movie he directed, Malcolm get back home with his girlfriend Marie, who’s clearly upset about something. What seems to be a minor argument turns into an entire debacle about their entire relationship. Black actors in black and white, raw emotions and a whole debate. A must watch.

The movie is available on Netflix


THE MCU : The OHN’fficial Guide

On this blog, we are part-time (or full-time) MCU stans. In conversation with people cured from this disease, it is pretty easy to feel lost in the where to begin and where the news are leading. That’s why this page isn’t a blog. It will help you find your way in a few clicks.

Movie related blogs

MCU : Chronology of the first phases

Just like for the Star Wars movies, there are two ways to watch the MCU movies: chronological order based on when the movies are set or based on the actual release of the movies. I always prefer the latter, but different strokes for different folks, so you get both chronological orders. You might feel overwhelmed,…


Harley Quinn is back on the big screen today! Thanks to my very good friend TestedByRebecca, I got to see an early screening of the movie. To see it or not to see it?