Game Of Thrones: The Last Minute Finale

Dear world, here’s your favorite procrastinator. Last night, we saw the last of the Land of Westeros, the last of the fight for the Iron Throne, the big ending of the proclaimed “best tv show of all time”, Game Of Thrones. While the scenes are still fresh and so are the emotions surrounding them, here are my thoughts.

This will be long, so bare with me. (FULL OF SPOILERS)

The silence and the frustration that David Benioff and D.B. Weiss, showrunners of Game Of Thrones, left us with was unbearable. It was the end of the Summer 2017, and the Night King, ruler of the White Walkers had burned down the wall separating the North from Westeros, using Vyserion, one of Daenarys Targyrien’ son/dragon sacrificed during their battle, letting everyone know that Winter had finally came. For two years, we were haunted by this scene, speculating about what the writers will bring up next, knowing that they needed two years to bring it on and that it would be the final clap of the show. THE PRESSURE WAS ON!

During those years, the internet came together with different theories: Was the Night King a Targaryen or a Stark? Was Tyrion a Targaryan? Could Dany be pregnant with Jon Snow’s baby, making it the rightful heir? Was Catelyn Stark a white walker and Ned Stark in Braavos? And also, the ultimate question: who would seat on the Iron Throne? In this many theories were created so many nerve wrecking yet absolutely genius storylines. But GoT being what it’s always been, everyone thought that we would all be wrong and what was coming would be better, bigger, smarter, stronger…. Boy, if only we’d known.

Instead of a coherent season that follows the slow, but ultimately necessary, pace of the show, they voted for a fast forward season, with limited episodes that were supposed to cover two of the most anticipated wars since the beginning of the show: “The Long Night” and the Final War for the Throne. These two wars could single handedly last an entire season, just like the war Robb Stark fought against the Lannisters and instead, they made a mockery out of it and made it a last an episode each, not giving the warriors a second to breath between the two. The result is unsurprisingly bad: a dark episode that ended too quickly with no explanation (We still have no idea who the f*** is the Night King) and another episode that was basically just a barbecue.

Between all this nonsense, it was obviously impossible for any characters to make any intelligent development. From Arya quick deflowering session to Gendry turning into a wallflower because of it, no one was sparred. But the true victims of this …disaster (I have no words for this mess), the ones I really need to vent about, are Jon, Daenarys and probably Jaime and Brienne.

Jon Snow, aka Aegon Targaryan VI, has secretly been sacrificed since the beginning. Yes, he’s a fierce warrior with a heart of gold, ready to put his life on the line for the others. And also, yes, he’s a good ruler. But, one thing it took us forever to realize is how much this man is the embodiment of white male privilege at its finest. With no ambition, he has been given everything. That boy who, to begin with, just wanted to be part of the Night’s Watch, became Lord Commander of The Night’s Watch, then he died and came back to life, became King of The North. And the cherry on top of it all, is that he later finds out that he’s the rightful heir of the Seven Kingdoms and could claim it with everyone backing him up although Daenarys has been fighting her entire existence to reclaim it. At this point, Jon really cannot handle being given everything and just decide to be his aunty’s b*tch because he’s “in love”. (Let’s not forget that he’s known her for two second and a half.) And blinded either by his love or his lack of ambition, he just becomes stupid, and let a whole city burn to the ground. And even then, it took Tyrion a whole speech to make him realize that at some point his lover/aunt/whatever needs to be stopped.

That leads me to that said Aunty, Daenarys. I know the internet is mad because of the misogyny she’s been facing. Obviously, I noticed. But I don’t think that it is a relevant reason of hate on the show because it’s set in a toxic patriarchy where women were hated more than they are now. A female ruler in Westeros is just never taken seriously, especially she’s as violent as a man. And the honest mistake Dany made was to treat everything like a male ruler would, which gave her the image of the angry woman and we all know how well can this go. And she was never truly prepared to face a Cersei or Sansa (which let’s not forget, learn everything from Cersei). These two are masters of the Game of Thrones and Dany was just an amateur so… obviously… she was supposed to loose her shit at some point. HOWEVER! Did she really need to loose her shit in two seconds and a half? It would’ve been so much clever, and such a good arch to see Daenarys go from “I don’t want to be the Queen of the ashes” to… actually be the Queen of the ashes.

Now, the King Slayer… Jaime Lannister. I won’t be long on him because I’m honestly guessing that there has been a fight between the writers and that lead him to be this fickle. It was interesting to work a little bit on the whole Lannister siblings dynamic. Especially Jaime and Cersei that have a love/hate relationship that is just impossible to comprehend. But how in the same episode, can Jaime have that healthy love scene with Brienne, then be threatened to be killed on Cersei’s order and still manage to think that it’s a great idea to go back to his sister? Yes, he’s a “bad” guy, but ever since his daughter died, you can tell that remorse has been eating him alive and that he wanted to be good. So his decision to go back to King’s Landing makes no sense (unless maybe it was for the baby.) And with that storyline, they just had to drag Brienne with it, turning the most badass knight of Westeros into a girl who cries for a man. The disrespect was just beyond me.

To conclude this whole deception letter to David Benioff and D.B. Weiss, a few words on the actual conclusion of the show. I’ve never seen a final episode this underwhelming in my whole life. Between Jon Snow basically becoming a Wildling, the new King’s staff being so disqualified and Greyworm just letting this happen before his eyes without saying anything, I’m afraid to admit that The Vampire Diaries, which was dreadful, had possibly a better finale.

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