Wandavision: first act of the new phase

Attention SPOILER OF EPISODE 1 & 2

Arrived to Disney+ on 15th December, Wandavision is the first project of the phase 4 to be released to the public. Since we know (and love) that the Marvel Studios and Disney are very secretive about their project, some people have shared what could possibly be the plot of the show and the first two episodes kind of confirmed it. Set as a sort of sitcom, we see Wanda Maximoff, aka the Scarlett Witch (Elisabeth Olsen), reunited with her late beloved, Vision (Paul Bethany), who, let’s not forget, passed away in Wakanda in Avenger Infinity Wars. In the show they seem to be enjoying a beautiful life as a young married couple that turns out to have a lot of plot hole. None of them know they got married, for how long, it is as if their lives started right there, on their arrival in their new home.

If you can remember her introduction in Age of Ultron, Wanda’s power allows her to create alternate realities in people’s head and it seems that she’s been playing with that to be reunited with Vision. However, such manipulation with alternate universe (hint hint hint), can’t be left unmarked. Right?

Perception being the core of Wanda’s power, it is just as important in the plot to come in the show. Underneath the sweet sitcom, the fake reality seems to crash when a voice calls for Wanda in a radio and when, at the end of the second episode, the colors kick in the screen. It shows that we see the world exactly like both Wanda and Vision are seeing it.

Although, if you’re not focused, you may perceive the show as frivolous and pointless, Wandavision seems to inhabit a plot with a larger scheme. Let me remind you that Elisabeth Olsen, who plays Wanda, is confirmed as part of the cast of Dr. Strange. According to other rumors, both her and Dr Strange himself could be on the next Spiderman as well. This one seems to be dealing with alternate realities since they already confirmed Andrew Garfield, the previous Peter Parker to be on set with Tom Holland, current Peter Parker. As you can see, this is huge melting pot, and that’s why I love the MCU.

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