The Hardest Part of being a Fangirl

Like everything in life, fangirling is a beautiful way of life that comes with sacrifices. Concerts, conventions, even movies don’t come cheap, in terms of money and of feelings. This is how I deal with it.

Fangirl life

I guess the negative side of being a fangirl comes in different shape for me. But to cover them up in one word, it would be sacrifice. I sacrificed a lot of time for it, lot of money and I guess, some of my education. But I’ve learned a lot from all of this fangirling  and I believe that you can too, despite whatever anyone would tell you.

One of the hardest part of being a fangirl is the judgement that comes with it. People look at us as crazy people. “Why do you go to all this concerts?” “I could never pay that much money to see this or that person.” Blah. Blah. Blah. Those words can be very hard to carry. To me, for a long time, I just felt misunderstood and alone in this. But nothing in the world beat the feeling you got when you get this concert, and you’re all squeezed with the crazy fans (all crazier than us, right?), the lights go off and the first song starts playing. Well guess what I found out. This is just the artistic part of yourself expressing itself. I’m no singer, no musician but I believe that I understand music. And that feeling you get, is just the music speaking to you in a way that I get, you get but those judgmental people do not. If anything, I feel sorry for them. They don’t have that, nor the memory of it.

Another hard thing for me is the sacrifice I have to make for them. I’m an ambitious student and sometimes, I have to give that up to become a fangirl. I know, that sentence looks like I don’t have my priorities in order. But my life is the proof that I actually do. I had to give a lot up for my studies. As much as it was painful, it also was a good decision. Sometimes it’s hard to put a limit to our pleasure to go back to your studies. But here’s my motivation. I use music in my everyday life and TV shows and movies to escape it. People that I truly admire in this industry are the one that are going to push you in education. So basically the deal is you rock your education and use the escape and the fuel as reward. Last year, I met Kat Graham (The Vampire Diaries) during a time where in Europe, finals are going on in most schools. As we were talking, she said that she wouldn’t want us to come see her if it meant sacrificing school or education. She stressed the importance of it, and even if I didn’t have any finals, I felt a bit guilty of doing it sometimes. When I look at how successful she or other people are, it makes me want to put everything I got in my studies. Therefore, I have to give up fangirling sometimes to be an ambitious student.


However, don’t give up fangirling. Find your balance, make it happen. There’s nothing wrong with a little fairy dust.


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