The Real Concert Experience Tour

Concerts are more than a just a musical show or performances. If you know me a little, those aren’t surprising words. They are the exact connection between the artists’ music and his fans. That’s where the whole point of the music world makes sense. And it’s according to this point that I choose my favorite artists.

concert junkie


Whether it’s a Justin Timberlake show or a Ed Sheeran, the main thing that you’re going to remember as a front row fangirl person, is the connection. The big difference of those two artists, is that JT is an entire package person and Ed, more like one man show kind of person.


Justin Timberlake – 20/20 experience

JT’s shows, are effing spectacular. I’ve been to his 20/20 experience tour, and Lord I got my life. He had, obviously, an enormous crew. Singers, a band, dancers. He also had a second stage and a lot of tool, and for those who where there, yes I’m talking about the flying stage thingy that got him from one stage to another. And with all of these ingredients, everyone in the crowd felt connected to him. It was the first and only time I was completely speechless during the entire show. I stopped acknowledging my friends for the most times cause I felt like it was just him and me. That’s because when he performs, he includes his fans in a way that they feel special. And that makes sense, since we paid for it.



Ed Sheeran – X Tour

Ed Sheeran concerts are the most intimate ones no matter the size of the venue. He has no band, no big production, just him, his guitar and his loop pedal system. It could suck, if he was just standing there and singing his songs one be one and leave the stage. But that’s not what he does. He communicates with the crowd and make you feel like home, in a way. Just like Justin, he includes his fans and make them feel special. Kind of like family.



People like Justin Timberlake or Ed Sheeran (and I could go on, Years & Years, Passenger, etc…) they understood the whole point of connecting with their crowd and fans. That’s why you feel some type of way when you listen to their songs. They have a type of energy and force of memory and you can’t get tired of it.

This is how I choose my favorite artists, if I get tired of their songs, then it wasn’t for me in the first place. If their concerts don’t make me travel for days, then I don’t like it. See why I’m so addicting to it now?




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