Post Convention Depression


This year, it’s the first time I’m not going to the Bloody Night Con Europe. And as much as I’m sad, it helps me reflect on how therapeutic it can be for fangirls.

What is a convention ?

For non-fangirl people, a convention is a gathering that brings fans of a TV-Shows (or movies) and the actors of the show together. It lasts usually two full days or more and is animated with different activities. The mains though are the Q&A panels, the photoshoot and the autograph sessions. It’s also really expensive, if you want to have a full on experience, you have to count an average of 600€. Although it brings a lot of tears and screams, most of the conventions I did were actually pretty therapeutic. Today, I feel like I’m not doing it for fun anymore, but to satisfy a need. What of? I can’t really explain.

The most asked question I get when it comes to those event is : “Why do you keep going?” And the reason is hard to put into one word, or one sentence. So I thought that bringing you back into my emotional memory lane would help you figure it out.

BloodyNightCon Europe I was in May 2013, and I was a newby. I think that when you don’t really know what to expect, you get the best experience. The guests were Ian Somerhalder, Candice Accola, Nate Buzolic, Torrey Devito and Paul Wesley.

From the moment I got my pass, I was extremely excited. You see, it’s kind of alienating to meet in real life people that aren’t suppose to exist. But at the same time, you apprehend the whole thing as if you were preparing for a concert: you’re going to see them but that’s about it. But I was wrong. So so wrong. And although it was the most amazing experience of my life, the real purpose of convention came to me the next year.

Right in the end of BNCE I, the first symptoms of Post Convention Depression got me to get a pass for BloodyNightCon Europe II. This year, I took more extras to get a fuller experience. The guests were Ian Somerhalder and Nate Buzolic again and Zach Roerig, Michael Trevino, Malese Jow and Kat Graham. And this convention made me realize that convention were more than just meeting your favorite stars. It’s an opportunity of human connection with people you’ve never met and personal growth.

I strongly believe that everyone and everything has a purpose. It can be good or bad and it doesn’t matter, but it’s there. And to complete that thought, everyone has a wisdom within themselves and it takes a lot of figuring yourself out to get it right. When I’m re-reading that, it doesn’t make any sense so I thought explain each of the guests would help.

Ian somerhalderTo me, Ian Somerhalder has nothing in common with Damon Salvatore, if it’s not for the sexy eyes. As everyone knows, he’s into environmental care and politics, especially since the fuel leak in the Gulf of Mexico. He’s also very animal friendly and cares a lot about them. Therefore, every single one of his panel are like classes. You learn a lot more about environment than you thought you knew. I’ve met him 3 times and I learned more every time. He’s also one of the kindest human being on Earth. He cares deeply about his fans and makes sure that every single one of them that gets to meet him has a great experience. To be honest, he stills make me uncomfortable despite his attempts of making me feel better.

55th Monte Carlo TV Festival : Day 4

Unlike Ian, Kat Graham is a lot like her character, Bonnie. She’s kind, open-minded, loving, compassionate and very true to herself. I kind of feel like she’s the female version of Ian which explains why they have such a great chemistry and dynamic on screen. Of all the cast, she’s the most likely to remember who you are. “I  remember the smile and the hair” she once told me. With her, you can learn a lot about the importance of being kind to one another and loving yourself at all time. It seems very obvious said like that but it makes you kind of reflect on your life. Most people try to fit in, to do like others but you cannot be 100% confident if you don’t embrace your differences.


nathaniel-buzolic-photoshoot-L-TDaAahNathaniel Buzolic is also nothing like Kol Mikaelson if it’s not for the funny side. He’s kinda bipolar: he can be very serious and deep and also very silly. The first aspect is where you learn the most about him and yourself. Maybe the reason why I was very touched by his words is because, just like him, I believe in God. He’s a very religious man unlike he’s look. He therefore uses his platform to share what he has learned or what God has given him. You can believe or not but it will still touch you in some way. I, unlike him, have a very complicated relation with God. But his words, his believe, can untangle this relationship for like a month. Until I twist it again. As you can guess, those panels are extremely emotional and brings  a lot of tears.

Daniel GilliesThe following year, I’ve met another actor that marked my mind: Daniel Gillies. He’s completely different from Elijah. Some of you might see it as a bad thing but he’s actually better than his character. I saw in him another version of me. Probably just a male, older and succesful version of me. He’s the most honest person I’ve ever met and that’s a rare value. He would tell you what’s what. If  something is shitty, he would be straight up about it and vice versa. He’s the living proof that there’s a limit between honesty and kindness cause he performs the two perfectly.



Those four sum up pretty easily the reason why I keep going to conventions. I get to have fun for a week-end, meet new people but I also get to learn about life and about myself. There are going to be very little situation in your life where you’re going to get this kind of experience. Is 400€ too much for personal growth ? It is for people that are all figured out and live in their passion. But I strongly believe that education, love, kindness and passion are priceless values.

Unforgettable memories are priceless. Did I make my point ?


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