The 1975… Where do I begin?


Have you ever been to a concert and on our way home, you were thinking “I need a cure for I am obsessed” ? This year only, it happened three times. And those three times, The 1975 were responsible for it. I am genuinely addicted with their music, their concept and basically their existence (in the most sane way possible) and I’m trying to figure out when it happened…

My babies


For those of you who live under a rock (you guys are plenty, sadly), I should maybe explain who they are. The 1975 is a band formed around Manchester. The four member, Matty Healy (lead singer), George Daniel (Drums), Adam Hann (Lead guitarist) and Ross MacDonald (Bass), met in high school and start playing small gigs in 2002. In 2013, they released four EP’s before their first album, the 1975, slays the charts.

If you look into wikipidia and other bullshiters as such, they would define their music to be a mix of Independent Rock, alternative rock, pop and electro-pop. It explains it right but since music isn’t just one thing now, you need more to explain. But if you ask me, it would be more like if Foals, Phoenix and MGMT had a love child. But the baby look more like Foals. Their music is complex and harmonically perfect. And the lyrics aren’t some word you just think about in two minutes. They have this ability to put into words feelings you never know could be explain. And the songs are so timeless that I know for a fact that 10 years from now, I will still be listening to them although I have no idea where I will be.

Their music

Their album as whole is just as much a work of art as their song eventually. To compare it with another band, if you listen to Wiped Out! (the NBHD latest album), chances are that you are going to love the songs individually. But as a whole, even Rolling Stones, the album makes no sense in term of order and link between the songs. It’s hard to find a feeling that would summarize the album together. It’s never the case with The 1975. Although the songs have an identity of their own, they also find a way to be linked with the next song as if it was a symphony.

Here’s how I feel in love the first time. (Yes, I fall in love multiple times with them.)

And their magic


This type of art is clearly the type of things I had to witness live. Like I said earlier, I had the chance to see their latest show three times this year. So I had the chance to experience their magic on stage. I have been to so many concert  world and the 1975 have clearly the most beautiful stage I’ve ever seen. It’s simpler than Justin Timberlake and Beyoncé shows that includes a lot of props and fireworks. It’s basically a game of lights that goes from the black and white colors from their first album, “The 1975”, to the pink and white colors of their second album “I Like It When You Sleep, For You’re So Beautiful And Yet So Unaware Of It” (yes this is for real). The light are so well done that you can take pictures from every sides, and it still looks like a work of art.

Their connection with their fans is instant from the moment they get on stage, leaving you wanting more after they sing their last song called “Sex”. I cannot thing of better reason to go back and get it. Every pun intended.

I’ll leave a pic of Matty, for he’s so beautiful.


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