Riverdale: My false revelation

A few weeks ago, “Riverdale”, the new CW TV show, has been slaying the internet. As a former Gossip Girl and The Vampire Diaries fan, I owed the benefit of the doubt to their producers. After four episodes, I’m already done.

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As a TV show enthusiast and an eternal teenager, I had to follow the new obsession overwhelming my timeline. “Riverdale” is the new teen drama of the CW, produced by the producers of the Vampire Diaries and Gossip Girl. Because I’m an impressionable person, I always fall for those TV shows although I know for a fact that it’s only going to be good for a season. But “Riverdale” surprised me: it was good for like 20 minutes tops. Never in my life have I seen something this empty.

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The show is about this town called …*insert drum roll* Riverdale where the mysterious death of Jason Blossoms happened. So everyone in town is connected to this murder. We have Betty, the smart blond girl next door who’s too good for her own good. Her sister used to date Jason. Archie, the quarterback that wants to be a musician (I know). He was at the river the day Jason died… with Ms Grundy, the music teacher he’s dating. And, of course, you have the new girl, Veronica. The rich girl that comes from New York but her dad is in prison and now her mom is waitress. Oh, there’s also the gay best friend. As if that wasn’t so 2001.

Basically, the show is a mix between Pretty Little Liars, The Lying Game and the most cliché TV show you can think of at this very second. Every scenes of every episodes are so predictable that it feels like a constant déjà vu. The storylines are unoriginal. And honestly, when I check Twitter’s reaction, I feel like most of the fans are just excited about the love interests than anything else.

Like I said before, the show was produced by the producers of TVD and Gossip Girl. It seems only normal that they are aware of what they are doing. I feel like if the point was to create a show about cliché-ism, we should be aware of it. Because the more I continue, the more it feels like a comedy. Pretty much like The Vampire Diaries actually. Weird.

Don’t think that I don’t question my opinion when I’m being this harsh. I actually thought of a question that could determine why I found it so bad: have I outgrowed Teen TV shows ? Is this me adulting ? I can’t stand most of them lately so that could be it. I’ll only take yes as answer if the show gets a second season.

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