Love with a “L” like Lana

After almost two years of silence, Lana Del Rey is finally back with a song title as pure as her voice: “Love”. Discover the song and the clip. 


If you don’t count the interlude “Stargirl” in The Weeknd’s album, it’s been almost two years that the world has been Del Rey-deprived. And look what happened: Black people, muslims and many more are in world wide danger, Donald Trump is the president AND, if he’s gone, Mike Pence is taking over which is worse! Anyway, hate is at all time high and we need a little bit of love. So, Lana Del Rey came back with a song called… “Love”. (Maybe that’s not what she had in mind, but that’s how interpreted it)

In this song, Lana managed to channel the same energy that got her famous with “Video Games”, “Blue Jeans” and “Born to Die”. You have the vintage look, the light and soothing music, and the teenage love we all wished we had.

New song means an album is in the oven. New album means a tour… meaning I need to save money. For the Europeans who can’t wait to see Lana live, she’s going to be in Paris this summer for the first French edition of Lollapalooza.

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