SKAM: the new “kul” TV show

Norwegians have succeeded where Americans have failed. If you’re not super connected like I am, you’ve missed the new obsession in teenager’s life, and it’s a pretty cool one. SKAM (shame in Norwegian) is the new hit tv show breaking the internet. Let me explain.


(“kul” means “cool” in Norwegian according to Google Translate in case you were wondering.)

In 2007, one of the best TV show of all time was created in England: SKINS. It was the first teen tv-show that was realistic compared to some Dawson’s creek or One Tree Hill where the teenagers looked 30 and recited Shakespeare. The show shared the life of teenagers in Bristol without withholding all its awkwardness, dirtiness but adding a little touch of drama to make it interesting. Results: teenagers could relate to it, there were Skins party everywhere (that looked like orgies) and the success was huge.

Whenever something gets successful in Europe, America wants the same so they tried to make Skins (US) happen. The had the same characters (they changed a name or two and had some gender bent characters). They kept the same storyline. And as you can imagine or remember, the whole thing was a mess and we never heard of it after the first season.


This is just as messy as the show was. Objectively. (SKINS US)

We thought that after this huge failure and the official ending of Skins (UK), the next generation would be Skins-deprived but the Norwegians saved us. In September 2015, the channel NRK P3 in Norway start airing the TV Show SKAM. The concept is the same, a tv show following the life of teenagers in Oslo. But they add a twist to it to make it more modern. People can follow the characters lives through Facebook, Instagram everyday. They share videos, SMS and so on until the episode that regroup everything comes on. Instead of having one episode focusing on one character, it’s the whole season that focus on the character. (Eva for the first season, Noora for the second and Isak for the third).


This show was so cleverly written and assembled that the world is now obsessed with it. It is probably the first time in the history of ever that English-speaking fangirl had to struggle with illegal streaming and find an appropriate link with subtitles in English. Oh wait… Korean drama came first but you get my point. I saw some tutorials on Twitter and on Tumblr. I discovered new ways of streaming. The whole internet had to adjust to the fact that new cool thing wasn’t American. It changes everything.

Anyway, the European that I am is so happy that for once, a European TV show is this successful. Like the rest of the world, I can’t wait to see season fire (Fire means 4 in Norwegian).

If any fans are reading this, I’m convinced it will be about Vilde !


P.S.: Apparently, Americans are trying to make SKAM happen in the US. Will they ever learn?

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