PODCAST EP. 1: Gossip Girl

Out since 20th of September, this is the first of a podcast that will be out every two Mondays. I’m excited to share that episode and the next ones. Now read up for more information on that first episode!

My first podcast episode is available on like… many of the platforms podcasts are on.

So on this first podcast, in retrospective, I could have done it better. However I’m still so happy I could do it and I can’t wait to share with you what’s next. A little subject was brought up that I think you should get into.

Like SKAM for instance! Until this day, I believe that in terms of form a teen TV show there was. And if Gossip Girl is serious about that social media thing, they need to learn more from it. I’ve done articles about SKAM before like this ONE and this ONE (the French version). And I’m sure that with a quick research on Tumblr, you can still find some episodes of that Norwegian masterpiece.

Anyway, I had fun making this podcast and I’ll have more fun making the next one. Don’t forget to check it out on OCT 4.

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