SKAM France: …. Pourquoi ? Why ? Who hurt you ?

In France, the Norwegian TV Show, “Skam”, has a reboot. And… for those who actually watched the original version, it’s just as painful as it sounds.



Remember in 2016, I introduced some of you to SKAM, a Norwegian TV show à la SKINS. It basically talked about the life of teenagers through daily clips, Instagram posts and sms. The concept was so popular , it became a worldwide sensation which is rare for a non-english TV show. Back then, an american version of the show was rumored, which is to be expected since it’s their thing. But I didn’t think the french version would come sooner.


The Problem

To be honest, Skam France could be worse. Some of the actors are actually okay-ish: although they overdo it sometimes, they have some scenes where it feels more natural. But there’s no moments where I feel like one could hate an actor for the actions of his characters like I do when… the actors are good. Basically, they’re not selling it as they should. But they are young, so that can be worked on. However, any person that has watched the original version cannot like this version for the simple reason that… the story line is /exactly/ the same. Same characters (different names for some), same quotes sometimes, same narrative, same plot-twists… THE SAME. I know this is the entire concept of a reboot BUT… wouldn’t it had been more intelligent to create other stories ? Since it’s very rude to point out things that don’t work without giving a solution, I came up with solutionS.

The OreoNoHeels answer

Julie Andem, the creator of the show basically created a concept. She told the story of fictional characters that went to an existing high school in Oslo called “Hartvig Nissens Skole”. Based on real teenagers life, she wrote stories that were life like and yet, romanced enough to be a TV-show. If the people who took in Skam were a bit creative, they would’ve taken a school in France and listen to their stories and created others. That would be interesting… we could compare high school culture in Norway with the one in France.

But since they decided to go with the same characters, my first idea wouldn’t have worked out. Doesn’t mean that nothing could’ve been done. There are some many character buildings that Julie Andem left for other people to imagine, or write. For example, one of the main characters who didn’t have a season centered in her point of view is Vilde. She’s presented as a tiny blonde obsessed with her image and popularity and kind of ignorant. Later on, we learn that she has eating disorder due to her lack of confidence, she also has an absent mother. And most of her life was explain in a short clip that could’ve been deep. If the French show could’ve kept the first season but watch it in Vilde’s point of view, we could’ve had something interesting.

The real issue with “reboots” or “remake”

When I heard about new versions of the show, I thought about SKINS US, which was a TRAGEDY. For those who haven’t seen it, it basically was the same thing as the original ones with the same storylines, same characters (SAME NAMES or names that look alike, like Cassie became Caddie and Effy became Eura). But the problem is, if a story has been successful worldwide, it won’t need a second introduction. Tell a different story, do something else. And if you really want to tell that story, wait until we forget about it.


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