The Vampire Diaries: The Farewell (part 1)

This week, The Vampire Diaries will no longer be. All of the fans are feeling pretty sentimental. However, the faithful viewer that I am needed to take this moment to be honest with you: It was time, people. 


When I was 14, I fell in love with The Vampire Diaries the same way I fell in love with One Tree Hill. It was the ultimate TV show that I actually needed every week as you need food every hour. My dedication was so deep that I spent lots of money on conventions to see them. And that kept me faithful to the show until this second.

Nevertheless, my sentimental feeling towards the show didn’t make me bias. Since the first episode of the fourth season, I’m aware that it has been going downhill. And every time, I thought the show wasn’t going to make it the next year but it went on until now. Yes. After 8 season, the show is FINALLY coming to an end.

I analyzed the whole thing to figure out what went wrong. Maybe, if we look at this together, we will find solutions. Since there’s 8 seasons to review, I thought about doing this in multiple articles. Let’s start with the good stuff. Remember, this entire article is my opinion.

Season 1- Season 3: Good old times

Everything is set for that show to be amazing. Unlike some other shows of the CW, they have a talented cast that matches the channel’s brand (meaning they are pretty). All of them, without any exceptions, are extremely great in their role and sell the whole thing amazingly.

And their timing couldn’t be any better. It started in 2009, meaning during the wave of The Twilight Trilogy but with actual vampires. They shaded the Twilight just for the fun of it, and everyone agreed.

As for the story line, although it was based on books that were very cliché , Julie Plec and Kevin Williamson(executive producers and writers of the show) find a way to add a complexity to make it more TV material. It wasn’t just about mean vampires versus that good one and his human friends. It was deeper in the sense that we had a little bit of empathy for the villains. It also had some historical and mythological references that made it so interesting. And every scenario had sense.

In season 2, they came up with the Original vampires, the Mikaelsons. It added new characters and a new dynamic. They were set to stay just a season but since the actors were so good and people seemed to like it, they stayed for 2 more before having their spin-off. But that’s not what killed the show.

In the season finale of the third season, Elena (the main character) died in a car accident and became a vampire. Since that very second, nothing was the same.

Here’s a little peak of what will be in the next parts:

Season 4 : Less but there’s hope.

Season 5: No good episode whatsoever but Silas was funny.

Season 6: They tried it but at least Kai was funny.

Season 7: When we had good material and throw them out of the window.

Season 8: Let’s end this with the Little Mermaid because why not. Oh, and let’s give Matt Donovan’s family another chance to be useless.


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