The Vampire Diaries: Farewell (Part. 2 / Last one)

Previously, I made an article ready to drag The Vampire Diaries’ finale. I knew one article wouldn’t cut all the feelings that I had. So, this is my last statement on the show. (SPOILERS)


Two weeks ago, The Vampire Diaries aired its last episode after eight seasons. Like I said before, I felt like it was time. The show was bad since the 4th season and nothing was making it better. As the dedicated fan that I was or am (not sure), I felt like doing a proper farewell before and after the last episode. Most of my arguments for the latter were already written as I could already sense the badness of the episodes. However, my feelings changed a little.

Surprisingly enough, I cried. I didn’t think Julie or Kevin would be able to do the right thing for the last episode which was killing a Salvatore. Since season 4, in my opinion, the storyline felt like it was worked in the hope of maintaining actors (for the fanbase) more than to serve the storyline itself. It felt like the producers and writers were way too influenced by social media and rather than following their instincts, were following the fanbase. I understand listening and wanting to please them. However, they have to remember that they are the professionals and not the fans.

If Kurt Sutter had listened to the fanbase while being on top of “Sons of Anarchy”, many of the deaths in the show wouldn’t have happened and the show wouldn’t be as good as it was. Same goes for “Game Of Thrones” or “The Walking Dead”.

However, TVD did a little damage control on that last episode. I’m a little saddened by the fact that they chose to kill Stefan. Don’t get me wrong, I would’ve been sad if it was Damon as well. But, I always thought that Elena and Damon were wrong so… yeah. (I digress).

This death was important to the show because it made us /feel/ and that’s something that was missing. We /felt/ when people like Lexi, Vicky or Jenna died because it was definitive. But when they started the think where people always come back to life, I couldn’t have it anymore. I didn’t sad for ANY deaths whatsoever, cause I knew they wouldn’t die for real. I mean, as anyone ever counted how many funerals Bonnie had ? And Jeremy ?

However, I’m forever going to be grateful for that show. It gave me an escape when I was teenager and only God knows how much I needed one. I got to meet so many people through that show and I’m not just talking about the cast. So, to complete my sentence in my first paragraph, yes, I still am a fan of the Vampire Diaries.#TVDForever, am I right ?

P.S.: If the show was still airing, am I the only who thinks that Stefan would’ve come back to life ?

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