When ‘Hard Times” are the best times of my life


Eric Ryan Anderson for The New York Times

You’ve seen it on social media. If you haven’t, fasten your seat belt. Paramore aka the band that introduced me to my good taste in music, has return with the single “Hard Times”.

When I was 14, I fell in love with a song called “Misery Business”. It was sung by a beautiful girl with red fire hair so I looked into her band and find a mine full of gold. That’s when I discover music. That was my rebirth. I discovered Paramore. At that time, they had 2 albums: “All I know is falling” and “Riot”. And it was the first time I knew it was possible to love every single song in an album. We all know that moment, that’s when you fall in love, right ?

For those who need a little back story, Paramore is a pop-rock band from Franklin, Tennessee. They were formed in 2004, and is now composed by Hayley Williams (lead singer), Taylor York (Guitar) and Zac Farro (Drums). For those of you who still think that they don’t know them, I’m pretty sure you do. They were on the first “Twilight” soundtrack with the songs “Decode” and “I Caught Myself”. And you also know Hayley because the song with B.O.B, “Airplanes”, was all over your iPod’s back in the days and also because she’s friends with Taylor Sn… Swift.

So after 4 years of silence, Paramore came back with a beautiful single. It’s still very different to what I fell in love with years ago. I can tell that they are more and more pop influenced and not in the same rock mix they were in the first album. But I can still feel the importance they accord to the lyrics, and it’s still a song you can jam to and relate to the crappy feeling it sings about. The reason why I love Paramore is that their speak to me so much that there will always be a moment in my life that I will need one song. “Hard Times” is for the times where you don’t know what you’re doing with your life and you just here, taking all the pain in and waiting for it to stop. As a student about to get a degree and having no idea what to do next, the timing of this song couldn’t be better.

Convinced? Their 5th Album “After Laughter” is coming out May 12th. And the first part of their tour is in Europe. I can’t waaaaaaaaait.

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