“Dear White People”: Different name, same fight

You may have heard of the movie and its controversy in 2014. Now, it’s a TV show on Netflix and it’s just as much controversial. Here’s my honest opinion of the show.


Before being OreoNoHeels, I’m a black girl born and raised in the white world. Therefore, I have the life experience and knowledge required to give you an honest enough judgement of the show. As you may know, it has been caught up in a controversy: Some white people claimed that it shares some “reverse racist” message. But if you think that, then obviously, we haven’t seen the same show.

The story

For those who don’t know, it shares to story of the black communities in an ivy league university that are taking actions after some kid threw a “black face” Halloween party. One of those student, Samantha White, a young biracial girl (specifying that she’s biracial has all kind of purpose in this case), has this radio show called “Dear White People” that shares all those little things that white people have tendency to do or say around black people that are… honestly… really annoying.

My opinion

There are many reasons why the show was very important. And no, it has nothing to do with the fact that I agree or not with the protest. But if you watch the show from beginning to end, you can see why racism is still very real today. Unlike all the comments you can hear around, it doesn’t put only white people as the cause of racism. It doesn’t only show black people fighting in one front because that’s not real. You get to see the real face of what we’re dealing with. For example, You get to see how some black people are willing to belittle their own people to just fit in. See the struggle of being not only black but gay, which means even more a target of discrimination. You acknowledge the difference there is between being black and being biracial. Not that one is less of a struggle than the other, but it is different. And, you see how, sometimes, white people that are trying to help have a hard time doing so because of us.


I know that I might divide with this article but this is what I believe: racism has many forms and every race is responsible. And there’s no two persons that are going to have the same fight against racism. Very little details can make all the difference: A poor black person isn’t going to be treated the same way as a wealthy one. A lighter skin kid isn’t going to go through the same insults than a dark skin. Black men don’t even begin to understand the daily struggle of black women. And as for biracial people, although we’re in 2017, they still get that stupid question: “Do you feel more white or black?”

“Dear White People” has so many different characters to show how different racism can be for everyone. But the most important is that it gives a beginning of answer to what could be the solution to racism.

A little conclusion to stop the confusion

To conclude this, I don’t say that white people have nothing to do with racism because they do. I can still catch all those people staring at me with their judgy look just because of my dark skin. A woman even refused once to shake my father’s hand at church just because he’s black. Racism is very much real. However, some black people are still giving reasons for white people to feel superior and that’s not right either. Efforts and education should be made on both sides.

It’s called “Dear White People”… But really, it’s “Dear All of Us”. But I wouldn’t change the title for the world…



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