Goodbye, Sense8 !

After weeks of cries, shouts and petition, it’s more than confirmed that Sense8 will never have the courtesy of a closer. If you haven’t seen it, know that you are the reason why it’s cancelled. So let me explain you why you ruined my life. 

Netflix has brought the best content when it comes to TV shows: Orange is the New Black, Marco Polo, Narcos, 13 Reasons Why and more. But one of their biggest invention, and probably the most expensive one, is … was… Sense8. Obviously, the good sense of Twitter yelled at Netflix for the stupid decision they made when they cancelled it. And I agree with them because it was more than a show, it was a statement.


Created by the Wachowski sisters (creators of Matrix), Sense8 tell the story of eight individuals called sensates connected mentally, psychologically and physically. They all live in different part of the world and have different realities but together, they face their personal devils and their common one (BPO).

One of the main complain that people have about the show is that they didn’t really understand it. And it’s true that the show’s pace is really slow and complex. But there are keypoints that were developed that made it so special.


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One thing that everyone liked and that made the show so expansive is how beautifully diverse it is presented. You have those eight main characters with, at first, nothing in common (except for their birth date):

  • Will: Police Officer, Male, Straight,  From Chicago, USA.
  • Nomi: Hacker, Transgender female, Lesbian, From San Francisco, USA.
  • Lito: Actor, Male, Gay, From Mexico City, Mexico.
  • Riley: DJ, Female, Straight, lives in London, GB but is From Reykjavík, Island.
  • Wolfgang: Robber, Male, Straight, From Berlin, Germany.
  • Capheus: Bus driver, Male, Straight, From Nairobi, Kenya.
  • Kala: Chemist, Female, Straight, From Mumbai, India.
  • Sun: Business woman, Female, Straight, From Seoul, South Korea.

To play those characters, they took actors that actually had something in common with the characters and not just some friendly faces. And since it takes place in different part of the world, the cast and crew actually shot the episodes and those different countries. The result is just the most beautiful thing in the world: diversity in people and diversity in aesthetic.

The evolution of humanity

Just like the X-Men, sensates are seen as dangerous outcast in the show. Simply because their ability to connect with their cluster enhanced the power of empathy. Therefore, they are more inclined to understand different cultures and the burden they come with. That power seems useless compared to Wolverine or Jean Grey but in the actual state of the world that’s one hell of a thing.

We are lead today by the fear created by governments and media. If we were sensates, and we were connected to those people we are conditioned to fear (today that would be muslims), we would understand their culture which would make that propaganda completely useless. That, my friends, is the power of empathy, and if some people could possibly have that power, the politics would be in trouble.

To conclude, Sense8 was the only show that acknowledge a race that is missing in our world. One that has no religion, no culture, no country. One that Michael Jackson sang about, human race. We still need to heal the world.

P.S.: I know I take TV shows way too personally. We all have issues.


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