“The Handmaid’s Tale” : A little lesson about the “f” word…

You probably must have heard of the new “Hulu” TV show that won all the Emmy’s. “The Handmaid’s Tale” is a mini-series produced by the platform “Hulu” starring Elizabeth Moss and Alexis Bledel. I’m half way through the show and I already feel like it’s the best thing I’ve seen in years. 



My passion for Game of Thrones has transformed my taste in TV shows into caviar. Although it was McDonalds before. For me to be pleased, I need to be challenged, surprised and heartbroken to the core otherwise, it’s just… bad. The last show that got all the attention that I like online was “The Handmaid’s Tale“. I was told that, as a feminist, I should watch it. But honestly, using the word feminism irritates me a lot cause people use it so badly. So it took forever for me to follow the advice. But, after 6 episodes, I think it’s not getting all the attention it deserves.  Although it won all the Emmy’s last week.

For those who don’t know what I’m talking about, “The Handmaid’s Tale” is set in a world in the future where fertility rates are very low as most woman are sterile. After a coup, the USA becomes a nation where extremist-Christianity is praised and women aren’t allowed to work, own money or even read. Those who are seen as sinful (homosexuals, adulterers,…) go through a trial and are sentenced to death. Except for women that are fruitful, they become handmaids. Their jobs are to have a baby for the family after a ceremony where they are basically raped.


(I told too much of the story already, but I need you to get all the facts for the rest of my points.)

The “f” word is Feminism

Is the show the result of what the feminists are scared of ? Yes, even worse than what we’re scared of. Unlike what some idiots will tell you, feminism isn’t a form of sexism created against men. Absolutely not. It’s the belief that everyone, despite their gender identity, their race, their religions, are allowed the same social, economics, political and every form of rights and opportunities (the same as straight white men, no shade). The reason it’s called feminism and not “equality” or common sense -despite the fact that it is common sense- is because WOMEN have always been the first victims of inequality (women rights came in very late in most western countries. In Belgium, women can vote since 1948, very late for the capital of Europe.) And also because WOMEN are the ones that started to movement to change that inequality. Women are FEMALE. FEMALES started the movement. The movement was therefore called FEMINISM.

The one thing the system displayed on the show that everyone agree with is that woman’s bodies are the temple of life. Because we all owe our life to a woman somewhere. However, where the system disagree with woman, and clearly some people out there seem to don’t get either is that only one person can own a woman and it’s herself. Females aren’t just vessels to create life. The purpose of woman is not to procreate. There are so much stuff women can do and want to do other than have a family. And “The Handmaid’s Tale” made a such a good job putting words into what’s going on in a our minds.

Acting game, one point !


As for the performances, you’re also in for a treat. The cast is beyond amazing in their performances, so I believe that every Emmy they got were well deserved. Personally, Alexis Bledel’s performance was my favorite. Her character had a hard and emotionally fueled story line and she nailed it. Our little Rory has grown, y’all.

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