Back to The Neighbourhood

Turns out The Neighbourhood’s new EP is actually pretty good. Turns out I can’t find any shade on this music. Turns out, I wasn’t prepared for that. Turns out it wasn’t what I planned but like … I ain’t petty. 


For those who don’t know them, “The Neighbourhood” is a band that comes straight outta Newbury Park, California. If I were to describe what they do, I would say that it would be the good looking baby that a pop rock band and a good hip hop artist would have. They’re formed by Jesse Rutherford (lead singer), Zach Abels (guitar), Jeremy Freedman (guitar), Mikey Margott (bass) and Brandon Fried (drums). As every group in the world, they have known their bit of drama. Before Brandon joined the band, Bryan Sammis (also known as Olliver The Kid and now member of the band La Bouquet), was the drummer. Nobody knows what went down but I’m so thankful for his amazing solo music, so I ain’t /that/ mad.

As a recovering “The Neighbourhood” stan, I was very skeptical about their new music. See, as much as their debut album, “I love you”, remains one of my all time favorite, “Wiped Out!” was extremely disappointing. Although some songs were amazing, most of them were quite boring. When you’re used to so much better coming from their EP’s and their debut album, you can’t possibly accept anything less. Unless you’re a Coldplay Stan. And then there was the situation with the live shows, cause they were … bad to say the least. Quite frankly, I thought the band was going to implode because Jesse didn’t seem to love his music as much as we do. So you know, if you’re not into it, how can you deliver ?

After their last show, I promised myself that I wouldn’t care that much about them. However, the curiosity that lays in the core of my identity couldn’t help but still follow them from afar. And as much as I was ready to shade their music, it turns out that “Hard” (the name of their new EP) happens to be as hard it promise to be. Although it’s just five songs, they happens to be very chill and very “I love you” like which is the perfect mix for the late fall summer like weather.

Apparently, this is just a beginning of their new era. I’m still going to look into it with a skeptical view, maybe I’ll have a nice surprise again.


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