Those albums I didn’t believe in : Jesse Rutherford – &

I’m not going to lie, I honestly disliked its first single, I decided to give Jesse Rutherford’s solo album a try. Here’s an honest opinion of it although I, sadly, don’t believe in it.


(this is my opinion, no shade to Jesse).

Before listening…

It’s only fair that I give you the reasons why I don’t believe in that album.

As you may know (or remember cause you read this), Jesse Rutherford is the lead singer of the band The Neighbourhood. But what you may not know, is that this is not Jesse’s first attempt in a solo album. It surely is his best attempt but not the first one. I’ve listened to his other solo projects… and they weren’t that good.

The thing is, Jesse’s /true/ music taste isn’t necessarily the indie-ish, pop-rock-ish, hip hop infused music The Neighbourhood (The NBHD) propose. But the reason why I love(d) The NBHD’s music so much is because they managed to combine pop-rock to Jesse’s very rap/hip hop/R&B style which made their music unique. But whenever he made a solo song, it feels like he’s trying to be more himself but it comes out … wrong. Or weird. And there’s always way too much auto-tune which is dumb cause Jesse can sing.

With this information in my head… and his first single “Born to be Blond” that gave me blank stare for 3 minutes… I cannot possibly believe in this album. But life is full of surprise, so I’ll listen to the entire thing with an open mind.

After thoughts…

First of all, I get why people like this album. And I got to give props to Jesse because it’s a lot better than all the stuff he’s done alone before. I think this album really is… him. Like he’s not trying to be someone he’s not, it really is him. So good for him.

However, if you can read my notes (below), you might guess that I’m not crazy about it either. And to explain why, I think there’s 3 categories of songs in this album, 2 of which I’m just not into.

1/ The “it’s not you, Jesse, it’s me” category

Some songs have a lot of trap music influence. I’m not mad at it, as I listen to some of it but it’s not my everyday music either. So those songs, aren’t bad per se, but I would never listen to them again. Not unless someone makes me too. So it won’t be fair to me to say that it’s bad. It’s just not for me.

2/ The “wtf” category

This is what I was afraid of when he dropped the album. Like I said in my intro, songs like “Born to Be Blond”…. I just don’t get it. The music is weird, the auto-tune is just overdue. And, I don’t even get the point of the song. Is “Born to be Blonde” about being shallow ? What is “Pretty Illusion” about ? … Maybe it’s just me, like I said, it’s my opinion. But I don’t get it.

3/ The “Okay” category

There were some songs that I actually appreciated. I liked “I think we should stay in love“. I think it’s beautiful and a cute love declaration. (And may I add, Devon Lee Carlson deserve all the love in the world. You’re doing great Jesse). I’m not mad at songs like “BFF” or “Bloom Later“. And I also think that if “Dime & Dog” had less auto-tune, I would save it on Spotify.

I don’t believe in grades, but to give you an idea, I would say that it’s better than what I expected. But it’s probably because I didn’t expect anything out of it. I thought this album couldn’t possibly have a crowd, but I was wrong. It’s just that it’s not for me. And after a listen, I do understand why it gets good reviews.

If you want to have you’re on opinion of the album, click on this link.

Notes whilst listening…

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