OreoNoHeels Cold Automn Mixtape (2017)

Automns 2

Just like every seasons has its color, it also has a playlist. Just like a perfect wedding, mine has somethings new, somethings old and somethings borrowed.

When God created me, he was pretty imaginative. So he installed in my head a sort of jukebox with a playlist that was very random and had no sense at all. And since my moon sign is Gemini, I can’t appreciate only one type of music, my playlist is made of everything.

I’m not going to make a long and elaborate explanation of every artists that’s in like I did for my previous playlist. Maybe just a little one.  I was inspired by few concerts I’ve been lately, so of course there’s a lot of Wolf Alice involved. I also found a way to add The Weeknd in it, because… It’s the Weeknd. Like I said on my Facebook page, Tove Lo dropped a new album recently names “Blue Lips”, another explicit album that is part II of her “Lady Wood”. Obviously, I couldn’t let that out so I added my two favorite tunes in the playlist.

If you want to know the rest, you’ll have to listen to it yourself. But the only instruction I will give is simple: don’t play it on shuffle.

Just like my previous one, you can find my playlist on Spotify: OreoNoHeels Cold Automn Mixtape (2017)

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