“Elles aussi” : We’re not done yet…

You can say whatever you want, but in terms of media, 2017 was a female. Big stuff have been happening for us ladies, and some of them are still happening. Let me tell you about one special in my heart.


The movement I’ll talk about in this article is french/belgian, but I believe it concerns a worldwide audience. And, who knows, it might inspire my one South Korean reader or the one from Brazil.

Despite some horrible stuff happening this year (one is named Donald Trump), 2017 was (and is still) a pretty powerful year for feminism. We started the year with a massive women’s march in New York, went through with it when Harvey Weinstein and Mark Schwahn got thrown on the fire they deserved and ended it with the best people as TIME’s “People of the year”. But this isn’t what this article is about. At least not really. The movement I’ll talk about isn’t as big but is just as important.

Elles aussi” (which translates to “Them too“) is a follow up to the “Me too” buzz. After the Weinstein case, in France and Belgium, people felt like the buzz started to fade out when it was just getting interesting. Therefore, some bloggers and vloggers got together and had this amazing idea: create a space where women could share their stories about the violence they faced. In this way, they could keep the story in people’s mind and maybe, maybe, make the skeptics think again.

To find them, it’s not that hard: they are everywhere. Facebook, Twitter and Youtube which is their main tool. Some courageous women submit a letter sharing their experiences with abuse, harassment and so on, and the vloggers shared their content in a video (and keep, obviously, the identity of the writer a secret). The idea is to make every story as loud as possible so every voices can be heard. Sharing isn’t the only thing they do, they also want to help. They take into their time to find any information (legal, practical, etc…) that could help a victim. All of those tools are shared through social media.

I wanted to be part of this project because seeing what women have done this year in terms of fighting back gave me hope for the future. And I can tell you, I’ve never been prouder to be a woman until now (and Lord knows I was proud already).

Anyway, if you want to find out more about this amazing project, here are the links (they are all in French):


Facebook: Elles Aussi (Here) / Twitter: @EllesAussi (Here) / Youtube: Elles Aussi (Here)

If you’re frenglish like me and would like to share your story, you can send your letter  (in French) to Temoignages.Ellesaussi@gmail.com (It’s all anonymous, I sweeeeear).

If you need any more informations concerning “Elles Aussi“, you can ask in English in my contact form or in French through social media.


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