PODCAST – Trailer

Downloading.. Downloading… Here we are.

Good morning, good evening and everything in between.  

Hi, this is Leslie, creator of OreoNoHeels. 


This is a voice machine reading the words of Leslie, creator of OreoNoHeels. 

By the end of this summer, this podcast will come to life. 

After sending a lot of voice notes, rambling about TV show I’ve binged watched, albums I’ve listened and even books I’ve read, I decided to stop bothering my friends and maybe just… bother the internet. 

Although this trailer is clearly not my voice, be prepared to hear more of me in about a month. Can’t wait to share what I have in store for you!

See you soon!

MCU : Chronology of the first phases

Just like for the Star Wars movies, there are two ways to watch the MCU movies: chronological order based on when the movies are set or based on the actual release of the movies. I always prefer the latter, but different strokes for different folks, so you get both chronological orders. You might feel overwhelmed, but once you are done with this, you’re ready for what’s to come.

All movies are available on Disney+ (except for the Spiderman movies).

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